Jumat, 21 Maret 2014

Atletico Headquarter lying in Almeria , Madrid Rise to the Top

Atletico Madrid at Estadio de los lying Juegos Mediterraneos which is the headquarters of Almeria . Away to the headquarters of the relegation -threatened team on Saturday ( 08/02/2014 ) local time on Sunday ( 9/2 ) early morning hrs , give Atletico 0-2 .

This defeat makes Atletico displaced from the top of the Liga BBVA standings since shifted rivals , Real Madrid , who won 4-2 over Villarreal . Both teams both collected a total of 57 points , but Madrid on goal difference .

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Thus , competition for the Spanish league title in season 2013/14 is getting tight and exciting as it involves three teams . If Barcelona , which closed to within three points , was able to achieve victory away to Sevilla on Monday ( 10/2 ) , then the three teams will both have 57 points .

Almeria midfielder Jose Antonio Verza , a nightmare for Atletico . He bought two hosts winning goal , which is to achieve full points it makes them rise to 13th place of the standings , three teams at the same time shifting the Alicante , Malaga and Granada .

Without goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois major , who was injured , Atletico has actually been seen limping . Substitute goalkeeper , Daniel Aranzubia , not playing up to expectations , even he finally sent off in the 85th minute due to a foul on Jonathan Zongo .

Atletico catastrophe occurred in the last 10 minutes . As the game entered the 80th minute , goalkeeper Aranzubia Verza spectacular kick from the right side of the Atletico defense . With his right leg , Verza kick off the far post who could not be reached Aranzubia .

Six minutes later , a foul on Zongo Aranzubia fruitful red card for him at the same penalty for Almeria . Because I had to do three times the turn , then the midfielder Gabi take over as goalkeeper . Verza who became algoju easily deceive Gabi to bring Almeria 2-0 lead , which lasted until the fight was over .

This is the second defeat Atletico in this week . Previously , the team made it surrendered Diego Simeone Madrid 0-3 from the first leg of the Copa del Rey semi-final

Kamis, 20 Maret 2014

" Madrid Must Keep Playing like this "

Real Madrid youth player , Jese Rodriguez , hopes his team continues to show such appearance when they beat Villarreal 4-2 at the Santiago Bernabeu on Saturday ( 08/02/2014 ) . As such , they will continue to be on the right track to win the Spanish league title .

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Jese contributed goals in Real Madrid 's victory party . As a result , the three points of the game to make Madrid has now topped the standings , following a 0-2 defeat of Atletico Madrid host Almeria . Madrid and rivals are both collected a total of 57 points , but Los Blancos superior goal difference .

" We know that Villarreal will datanag here and try to play football , " said Jese told reporters . " They're a good team . "

" They provide difficulties for us , but we won at home , and that's what we want. "

" I am glad that I ran with a goal and work done for the team . "

" I just want to continue it . Teams do a good job and we have to continue to keep it like this . "

In the game , the world 's most expensive player Gareth Bale opened the scoring in the first seven minutes . After that Karim Benzema doubled , followed by Jese goal and Benzema returned to score a goal . While the goal back Yellow Submarine printed Mario Gaspar and Giovani dos Santos .

Del Bosque Ask about Jese Talks Terminated

Spanish national team coach , Vicente del Bosque , asked the public to stop calling talks about young players Real Madrid , Jese Rodriguez , La Furia Roja squad . To be sure , added Del Bosque , Jese very charming performance this season

Indeed , the appearance of Jese attract attention so he recommended Spain squad for the 2014 World Cup next summer . But according to Del Bosque , too soon to make a decision who will leave for Brazil .

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" Jese has been monitored since the junior level , " said Del Bosque told AS . " He played very well for Madrid and deserve to be there . "

" But I have to have 23 people for the upcoming World Cup . Let 's see what happens in the next few months . "

Del Bosque added that people who claim to know how she would decide in one way or another , is wrong . The reason , he has not taken any decision .

" I do not understand those who say one thing or the opposite , even without asking or talking to me . Whoever said ' he will not call Jese ' is a phenomenon because I knew that I was not to tell anyone about what was in my head . "

Rabu, 19 Maret 2014

Ligament injury , Jese Season Ends

In a match that ended with a score of 3-1 to Madrid , Jese is believed to be the starters only played for eight minutes . Due to crash on his knee , the Spaniard was forced to pull out by coach Carlo Ancelotti , and was replaced by Gareth Bale .

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According to a number of media , including Cadena SER , Jese allegedly impaired on knee ligaments . Apparently, the injury was so serious that he had to be quickly ended the season 2013/14 is . Chances to perform at the 2014 World Cup was almost certainly gone . In fact , Spain coach Vicente del Bosque could provide a signal to call him .

Agents make sure Jese ligament injury

Not long ago , Jese agent , Gines Carvajal , confirmed the injury to the client. According to him , Jese ligament injury , which made ​​him have a break of six months in the rest of the season .

Carvajal told Onda Cero that the results of the MRI scans showed a tear in the ligament . That means , Jese should rest at least until later in September

Destroy Motivation Osasuna Barcelona Play Soccer

Osasuna player Patxi Puñal say , 0-7 defeat of Barcelona at Camp Nou on Sunday ( 16/03/2014 ) , very painful . Puñal added , it could eliminate the defeat as motivation to play football .

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" Every player have a hard time playing at Camp Nou and destroyed like that . Honestly , it could seize defeat the motivation to play football , " said Puñal .

According Puñal , there is nothing wrong with Osasuna preparation before the game against Barcelona . Only , Barcelona so motivated in the game and Osasuna failed to develop the game .

" We are against Barcelona who are preparing for the match against Real Madrid . That's what will happen . There was disappointment that is hard covered , " said Puñal .

Results embarrassing it makes Osasuna fell one place to 15th position Primera Division La Liga with 29 points from 28 matches . Osasuna just three points from the relegation zone dwellers top , Real Valladolid .

Official Barcelona extends contract of Marc Bartra

Official Barcelona extend contract central defender Marc Bartra until June 2017 with a release clause of 25 million euros ($ 394 billion )

23 -year -old initially joined Barcelona B in 2009 . In the 2012-2013 season , Bartra joined Barca 's core squad .

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Satisfied with the performance , Barca extend young defender contract the Spanish . " Accompanied by Josep Maria Bartomeu President , Vice- President Jordi Mestre , and director Andoni Zubizarreta Football , Marc Bartra has extended his contract with the club that made ​​him remain a Barca player until June 2017 . 's New deal includes a release clause of 25 million euros , " said Barca in statement.

Bartra said he was happy to get a contract extension . " I'm very happy . Incredible feeling . I hope everything goes well . To me , Pique and Puyol is a reference to me . A challenge for me to achieve what they achieved , " said Bartra
Memories AKBP Pamudji the former 's Men

Former subordinates Assistant Commissioner of Police ( AKBP ) Pamudji , Kanit So Menteng Police Commissioner Billy , admitted to feeling lost . Jakarta Police Chief Denma was remembered as someone who protect his men .

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Billy said he has worked with Pamudji in Policing Unit and Settings ( Satgatur ) City Police .

" The deceased was very nurturing , very good and protect . My two years with him in Satgatur , " Billy said at the funeral home , Cambodia Road , Village Cijantung , District Pasar Rebo , East Jakarta , Wednesday ( 19/03/2014 ) .

According to Billy , alamrhum leaves a wife who also works as a female police officer .

" His wife ( deceased ) AKBP Nurul Megawati , serving in Binmas City Police, " said Billy .

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Currently , at the funeral home , Pamudji present colleagues and police officers from the Jakarta Police and the Police Headquarters . Among them the head of the Traffic Corps Police Headquarters , Inspector General Pudji Haryanto , Wakakorlantas Brigadier General , Head of Sub Gakum Ditlantas City Police , Chief Hindarsono and others . The plan , a number of City Police officers will also be present at the funeral home .